Wasteland Warriors

Wiley Games is proud to present its 11th title, Wasteland Warriors!

THIS IS NOT A STAND ALONE BOOK.  You will need Fistful of Lead Core rules to play.

In a wargaming world full of gritty, dark post-apocalyptic rules, we offer a weirder...wilder vision.

What's so great about it?

  • Extensive traits and mutations
  • Cool weapons and gear for your motley crew of scavengers
  • Full campaign system
  • Robots, mutants, mutated animals and plants
  • The Menagerie - a collection of NPC's, monsters and enemies that are fully imagined and ready for play.

Finally, Wasteland Warriors still has the card driven mechanics you know and love.

Strap on your blaster, take your anti-radiation pills and mount up.  Things are about to get interesting...