Wiley Games welcomes you and your miniatures to a world of outstanding tabletop wargaming.

The Fistful of Lead System is:

  • A D10 Game
  • Simple to Learn 
  • Miniature Agnostic
  • Easy to Customize
  • Infinitely Replayable

This is a system you can try out for as little as $7.00.  Download the Core Rulebook, grab 10 – 12 miniatures, a deck of cards, a tape measure and some d10 dice.  If you hate it, that’s the price of a fancy coffee.  If you love it, add supplements and accessories to your library as your miniatures demand.

Fistful of Lead games are designed to be easy-to-learn for convention play. On each and every turn, the quick-draw card-driven system engages all players, creating those great Hollywood-style wargaming moments we all love.  Easy to learn for beginners.  But, with the ability to add traits to your gang, the advanced play will also satisfy the experienced wargamer.  

Each title we offer is a toolkit with scenarios, a cache of goodies that are STATTED up for you, ready for battle action.  Playability?  ENDLESS.

We welcome new customers to Wiley Games every day who have played the popular rules. They have become bored.  They seek a haven of fun gaming rules and their miniatures are happy.

Play Wiley Games.  Your miniatures will thank you.


"A little over a month ago I found Wiley Games. I have been searching for the “perfect” skirmish game since I started playing them in 1978. I believe these games are the perfect match of quick play, easy to learn, but still very much full of fun and strategy. In the past few weeks I have purchased five sets of cards, seven main books (two copies of one), and at least five scenario/supplements. As I know you agree, I have found THE skirmish game."                                                                                           - Greg Dowdy