The Fistful of Lead System is:

  • A D10 Game
  • Simple to Learn 
  • Miniature Agnostic
  • Easy to Customize
  • Infinitely Replayable

Tell your story.  Build your crew in a universe of your design.  No points values here. This is a pure-narrative, small-scale skirmish system.

Fistful of Lead games are designed to be easy-to-learn for convention play. On each and every turn, the quick-draw card-driven system engages all players, creating those great Hollywood-style wargaming moments we all love.  Easy to learn for beginners (most people learn in 1-3 turns).  But, with the ability to add traits to your units, the advanced play will also satisfy the experienced wargamer.  

This is a system you can try out for as little as $7.00.  Download the Core Rulebook, grab 10 – 12 miniatures, a deck of cards, a tape measure and some d10 dice.  If you hate it, that’s the price of a fancy coffee.  If you love it, add supplements and accessories to your library as your miniatures demand.  Mix and mash titles for even more scenarios.

Each title we offer is a toolkit with scenarios, a cache of goodies that are premade and STATTED up for you, ready for battle action.  Playability?  ENDLESS.

This is a rule system designed so you and your miniatures can wage war in a universe of your making, with scenarios of your dreams.  We give you all the tools.  The only limits you have are self-imposed.

Play Wiley Games.  Your miniatures will thank you.


"The swiss army knife of wargaming."

                                                                                                          - Joy of Wargaming

"Delightful little system."                                                                                                       -                                                                                                        - On TableTop

"A little over a month ago I found Wiley Games. I have been searching for the “perfect” skirmish game since I started playing them in 1978. I believe these games are the perfect match of quick play, easy to learn, but still very much full of fun and strategy. In the past few weeks I have purchased five sets of cards, seven main books (two copies of one), and at least five scenario/supplements. As I know you agree, I have found THE skirmish game."                                                                                                                         - Greg Dowdy