Build Your Gang - Miniatures

$5 Each   *   $20 Crew of 5

Wiley Games is now an officially licensed seller of Hero’s Hoard / EC3D Designs.

By partnering with EC3D Designs and other 3D studios, Wiley Games can offer our customers access to some of the coolest, newest miniature designs out there at an affordable price.  

We scour the internet and do the printing.  You kick back and have a frosty cold one.

These 28mm resin miniatures are gorgeously sculpted.  Other websites sell these popular beauties plain as a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  We have given each one a personality and paired it with a sweet Fistful of Lead unit card.  Each unit card displays weapons and Fistful of Lead traits already worked out for you.  Just drop the miniature and unit card right into your FFOL Game.  Or use them for other games. These minis are agnostic, like our rules.  Chef's kiss delicious.


May we introduce our inaugural line of miniatures for your Build-A-Gang pleasure, the SciFi line for Galactic Heroes?  We have assembled only the most dangerous champions and scoundrels for you to choose from.  Any one of these characters will be an asset to your crew.


Whatever your Armageddon, we have just the miniature.  Choose from loners, warriors, ruthless survivors and some dangerous, irradiated mutants.  These motley murderers are ready to do your bidding across 1000 mad worlds and beyond.  Grab a special someone to round out your crew, or get an entire gang and save 20%.

$5 Each   *   $20 Crew of 5

Miniatures and crews will change.  Check back often!


  • Starfighter Ships
  • Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Even vehicles and scatter terrain

WE WILL NOT BE SELLING HISTORICAL MINIATURES.  Plenty of stores sell them in both lead and resin.   A quick search in your favorite internet browser should give you a host of both brick & mortar and online sources.