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#1: Why buy Fistful of Lead System over other rules out there?

A:   The Fistful of Lead System is:

    • A D10 Game
    • Simple to Learn 
    • Miniature Agnostic
    • Easy to Customize
    • Infinitely Replayable
This is a system you can try out for as little as $7.00.  Download the Core Rulebook, grab 10 – 12 miniatures, a deck of cards, a tape measure and some d10 dice.  If you hate it, that’s the price of a fancy coffee.  If you love it, then you can buy supplements as your miniatures demand.


#2:   Can I use Fistful of Lead for X, Y or Z period(s)?

A:   Sure, why not?  Each book contains all the tools for you to create characters, add/adjust traits, weapons accordingly.


#3:   Will you resend me lost .pdf's?  I have a good reason.

A:    I am not your mother.  Take care of your things, lest you lose them. 


#4:   What do I do when something comes up NOT covered in the rule book.

A:   Players should try to come up with a mutually agreeable solution.  If that doesn't work, roll a die!


#5:   Shipping to Europe is cost prohibitive.  Any less expensive options?

A:   Have you tried Caliver Books in the UK?                        


#6:   How quickly do you fulfill and ship orders? 

A:   Unless it's a pre order for a new title, we try to keep everything in stock.  Orders are usually filled the next business day after they are placed, then picked up by USPS the following day and most are shipped media mail.


#7:   What rules are coming out next? 

A:    Upcoming games include: 

  • Glorious Adventures in the Age of Steam (Victorian Sci-Fi)
  • Pulp Age Supers
  • Buccaneers & Cavaliers (Pirates & Musketeers)
  • Might & Honor (Samurai)
  • Cyberpunk (a upgrade to Wasteland Warriors)
  • Medieval Tales of Horror
  • Wasteland Warriors (Other periods), plus a few others

There are some genres that are low priority for us.  It’s not that we can’t.  It’s that we don’t have a reason to.  These periods are well covered territory with plenty of different rules to choose from. However, we know that many war gamers have used our Core Rulebook to create games for all of the below, and more.  We invite you to do the same.  We welcome you to join the Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/FistfulofLead/

  • Modern
  • Naval battles
  • Tank vs. Tank
  • Hard armor sci-fi
  • WWI or WWII
  • Lovecraftian

#8: How do I start playing Fistful of Lead?

A:  Download the Core Rulebook, grab

  1. 10 – 12 miniatures,
  2. Deck of cards,
  3. Tape measure
  4. Some D10 dice.  

    The Fistful of Lead System is not for everyone.  Rules Lawyers, Stat Mentats, Gamey Gamers and Accountants need not apply.   No points neccessary.   Minimal record keeping, period.

    We write rules to create random moments of drama that make everyone cheer, laugh, swear and groan.  The rules are easy to learn.  The quick-draw card-driven mechanics are what create the battlefield friction.  For advanced play add character traits for endless playability.  Each title we offer is a toolkit of scenarios, STATTED UP so that you can create everything you dream of.

    We want you to grab some miniatures you’ve been dying to play with.  Pick a genre, or two, from your collection, find someone to play with and play. Have some fun.  If something comes up, decide with a die.

    We welcome new customers to Wiley Games every day who have played the popular rules. They have become bored.  They seek a haven where gaming is fun and their miniatures are happy.

    Play Wiley Games.  Your miniatures will thank you.


    #9:   What's the difference between Fistful of Lead: Reloaded and The Core?

    A:  Short answer:  You can use the Core rules to play any period, including Old West. You use Reloaded to play Old West games, but no other period(s).


    Long answer: Reloaded was written 20 years ago. It has 20 scenarios plus a campaign system for your Old West gang. It's still a great set of rules, but is missing some of the mechanics now used in newer versions of the game.

    For instance, the use of special cards and wound outcomes are slightly different than current versions like Core. If you've never played, you won't notice a difference.

    The Core rules are designed as toolbox to play any period and are the base set for use with supplements like Tales of Horror and Wasteland Warriors. If you bought Reloaded and picked up Wasteland Warriors you would probably have some questions about what was going on.


    #10: Do I have to buy the blast template and status markers?

    A: No.  The status markers and blast template are provided for FREE at the back of each rulebook, and in our store.  The acrylic versions we sell are optional, just like our custom card decks.  We recommend investing in the extras once you know you like the system.


    #11: I purchased the pdf of Codex Galactica: Grim Dark Edition.  Will there be a discount when the printed version becomes available.

    A: Yes.  Customers who purchased the live/beta version will have access to a special preorder sale for the printed version.


    #12: How do I stat up dinosaurs? Super heroes?  Aliens? Monsters?

    A: First, we encourage you to review The Ultimate Traits List, and see what you can use from the 103 basic traits compiled from all the 18 rule books.


    T-Rex =  Large + Thunderous Charge

    After that, we highly recommend the 74 mutations found in Wasteland Warriors

    There are 81 magic spells in Magic & Mages.  Spells + Mutations = Supers

    Want more options?  Try Monsters and Mazes.  It has 132 monsters in it, with 7 monster categories and 20 monster traits.

    There are another 8 alien monster traits in Galactic Heroes.

    These titles are our go-to resources for those types of games.  Have fun!

    #13:  I missed a sale.  Can you still give me a discount?

    A: Sales/Discount are programmed ahead of time. Like most companies, the sale only applies to orders made during the sale period. While we’re sorry to hear that you missed the sale, we can’t put a discount on an order that has already been made.

    We have sales several times a month, so stay subscribed!

    #14: What are the Jokers used for?

    A:  We use the Jokers as a way to trigger events like weather events, terrain mishaps, shortcuts or reinforcements.

    #15: How do you balance a game with Traits?

    A:  FFoL is a narrative system with traits instead of points.  We trait up a character as we see them, then play.  If you have ever watched a great battle scene of any genre, you will not see balance.  Great battles have uneven odds.  Balance is, simply put, boring.

    Play the scenario.  Consider things like terrain, hazards or events to unsettle the playing field.  If you really don't like it - then tweak it.