About Us

Welcome to Wiley Games, a labor of love that has been twenty years in the making. I

have been a lifelong gamer, starting like a lot in our strange little hobby, with

Dungeons and Dragons. That led to painting miniatures, and then writing rules to

play with them.

There was art school, a long career in the design industry, while all the time painting

and tinkering with rules. But Fistful of Lead was really born of a bad wargaming

convention experience. I went to my first convention in my early 20s at a local Union

hall. There, a gentleman was running a truly large Wild West game. Until then, I had

only played fantasy games with a few WW2 games mixed in. This was new!

When I saw the rules weren’t commercially available, I tried to ask the host about

the game, especially his take on writing your own.

His rudeness cannot be properly put into words. Suffice to say, I decided then and

there to write my own Wild West rules.

Fistful of Lead was born.

After years of playing it with my local gaming group, they talked me into publishing

them in 2001. It had a small but loyal following. Last year, after more

encouragement and prodding from the Fistful of Lead Yahoo Group, I created a

bigger version, complete with a campaign system and scenarios. We ran this as a

Kickstarter to cover the cost of printing and adding custom cards and miniatures. It

was a success.

There are no shortages of Wild West wargaming rules out there. But they don’t fit

my own philosophy. Wargaming, for the most part, is a communal activity. It’s a

chance to hang out with your friends, “push some lead around”, and most

importantly, have fun.

I try to write rules that are easy to learn, don’t involve a lot of record keeping, have a

Hollywood flair to them, and create lots of moments to laugh and talk about later

around your favorite beverage.

The Fistful of Lead card driven game system allows for tense moments of decision

where everyone is involved. They are great for beginners and battle hardened

Grognards alike.

It is a perfect gateway system. Fistful of Lead doesn’t require a lot of miniatures to

play. For a 1-on- 1 game, each player only needs 5-6 miniatures. This means you can

try a new genre without a huge monetary investment. But it’s also scalable, where 6-

8 players can easily play without slowing down the game too much.

Wiley Games is a small operation now, just my wife and I. I design, she runs the


The plan is to keep growing. We just introduced a Horse and Musket version of

Fistful of Lead so you can fight the small skirmish actions that took place during the

18 th and early 19 th century. We hope to release the Post Apocalyptic rules, Wasteland

Warriors soon, along with a constant stream of supplements, scenario books and

quality terrain bits.

We hope you enjoy our products, and keep the lead flying!

-Jaye and Robin Wiley