Galactic Heroes - Savior of the Universe - Exclusive Collectible - Downloadable .pdf

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Now Included:

  • Galactic Heroes 2nd Edition
  • The Vehicle Manual - Rolling, stomping, skimming vehicles - even mounts!
  • Codex Galactica - All the prestatted up peoples you could want!
  • Starfighters!- combat in space!
  • Adding in 6 FREE scenarios from the original Kickstarter

Like all the Fistful of Lead games, you’ll only need 5 or 6 miniatures per player. You can play 1-on-1 games or larger skirmishes with up to 6 or 8 players. This book contains all the information you need to play a game, including rules for building your forces and how to set up the table for different scenarios. Most players will pick up the game mechanics quickly, even people who haven’t played a wargame before.  If you’ve played Fistful of Lead before, a lot of this will be familiar.
Galactic Heroes allows you to play a small scale wargame in the far flung future, a galaxy, far, far away, a grim, dark future 40,000 years from now, or a certain Red Planet where swords and rayguns reign supreme. These rules are whatever YOU think Sci-Fi looks like, from your favorite Space Opera to gritty Pulp epic.

So check the seals on your vac-suit. Have your blaster at the ready. It’s time to see if you’re a Galactic Hero!