Galactic Heroes - Codex Galactica - Downloadable .pdf

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This title was incorporated into Galactic Heroes 2nd Edition in April 2022.

The Codex Galactica, a compendium of STATTED Peoples, Creatures and Alien Threats from across the galaxy to drop right into your game.

This essential handbook will give you a tool kit for building forces based off your favorite sci-fi genres including:

  • Martians
  • Far Away Galaxy
  • Federated Space
  • Interdimensional time traveling scientist and enemies
  • Imperial Marines
  • plus more!

This book is an AMAZING resource of SCI-FI species and creatures, already statted up and ready for you to ADD TO YOUR GAME.  Codex Galactica is an essential and versatile investment in your Sci-Fi wargaming catalog.

Looking for an armored, helmeted bounty hunter with a blaster, flamer and a jet pack?  This is the place.