Battle Suit Alpha - MECH Battles - Downloadable .pdf

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Wiley Games Workshop comes charging into the universe of MECH miniatures with the release of our 18th title, Battle Suit Alpha.

  • Take your Battle Tech, CAV, Heavy Gear, etc. to create a story of your own. 
  • Battle Suit Alpha works with mechs from 6mm to 28 mm without glitches.
  • Control mechs and lances with minimal record keeping. 
  • Quick-draw card mechanics to create those cinematic moments we all love.
  • Covers infantry and HUGE robots.
  • Kaiju!
  • Pilot traits.
  • Build out your mech with systems.

Battle Suit Alpha takes you to the far future where giant mechanized battlesuits rule the combat zone. Design your own mechs and vehicles and arm them with rockets, lasers and rail guns to blast your opponents to dust.

Each player controls a group of mechs and support vehicles called a Lance. Battle Suit Alpha is miniature agnostic. You can use whatever mech models you have, be they 15mm, 10mm or 6mm scale. Use what you have!

Players learn in 1 - 3 turns, but the unique card driven turn mechanic makes each battle a tactical challenge where every player is involved. Experienced wargamers and new players alike will enjoy this game. It’s perfect for convention games as well as one on one skirmishes.

To play Battle Suit Alpha you’ll need:

  • this rule book
  • several 10 sided dice
  • an ordinary deck of playing cards
  • a place to play
  • a measuring tape, miniatures of your favorite giant, stompy mechs
  • and of course, an opponent.

Hop in the cockpit, power up the fusion reactor and check the autoloaders. It’s time to play Battle Suit Alpha!