Arena of Blood - Printed

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This IS NOT a Fistful of Lead game.  This is not just a "FFoL supplement with gladiators".

This is an entirely new game we are very excited about.  It’s the first game outside the Fistful of Lead system for Wiley Games. 

Inside this rule book, you will find something familiar, yet entirely original.  It's got that easy-to-learn vibe you expect from the FFoL system.  It's got card mechanics.  That's where the similarities end.

In Arena of Blood, you are the proud owner of a gladiator school, with a stable of gladiators, all with different fighting techniques and abilities.  Careful use of your fighters is crucial.  Each gladiator has strengths and weaknesses. 

In Arena of Blood the classes of gladiator affect the combat sequence.  Your gladiator has abilities, but when you get hit, you must choose which ability to forfeit.  Crowd favor also plays a part in strategy. 

Pit your gladiators against your rivals in the Arena of Blood!  Matches are quick.  Play a whole tournament in an evening.

* No Need To Measure * No Movement Values *

After playing a dozen gladiator game systems over several decades, we noticed one thing: players tend to run to the center and start bashing on each other. Even "faster gladiators" get pinned in and all their extra movement is for nothing. We've eliminated this unnecessary step to speed up the game. Lighter gladiators in this game have the advantage of striking first. The reason they start apart is because 1) we do have ranged weapon armed gladiators, 2) in large fights with several player combatants, it gives them choices on who they fight.

Why use miniatures? We use miniatures because miniatures are cool.

To play Arena of Blood you’ll need:

  • this rule book
  • several 6-sided dice
  • an ordinary deck of playing cards
  • a place to play
  • miniatures of your favorite gladiators


Pages:             24
Size:                7" x 10"
Printing:          Full Color
Binding:          Perfect
# Players:         2 - 8
Scale:               6 mm - 54 mm    
Minis/player:   4 - 8 based on unit size