Traits - The Ultimate List - Downloadable .pdf

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Traits are the toppings to your otherwise cheese pizza.

  • First, you learn the quick-draw card mechanics that drive the game. 
  • Then you choose your genre/period. 
  • Finally, it's time to stat your beloved miniatures.

The list of traits have been added to over the years.  With each and every title, new traits have been invented.

We do update our unit sheets with all the traits, but if you only have a title or two...  Or maybe you have all the books, but just can't remember where to find Coldblooded explained.

Now, the traits are all in one place. 

Plus, you will be notified of any updates to the Trait List so you can DOWNLOAD THE LATEST VERSION for FREE.  This is a living document (like your unit sheets).  Endless value.

If you play Fistful of Lead, the Ultimate Traits List will be your steadfast companion through a thousand insane worlds, no questions asked.