Dark Day of the Destructo Ray- A Campaign for Fistful of Lead: Galactic Heroes - Downloadable.pdf

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Dark Day of the Destructo Ray is a campaign for Fistful of Lead: Galactic Heroes. The campaign is a series of 7 linked scenarios to be played in order. The outcome of each scenario has a direct effect on the next game. The player with the most Renown at the end of the campaign wins, and possesses the dark power of the crown.

Welcome to the world of tomorrow!

Since man first hurled himself into the depths of space, he has been watched. Alien powers both benevolent and malign plot to help or harm mankind as he struggles to find his place among the stars.

One such enemy is self proclaimed Galactic Emperor Xorg-Khan, who has been spying on Earth and knows about the development of something called the Destructo Ray by,  the some say mad, Professor Argo.

Is your Crew here to help vile Galactic Empire, or possibly save the Universe?

This is not a stand alone game. It is a campaign book. You will need a copy of Galactic Heroes to fully enjoy.