99¢ Scenario - Gold and Gunfire - Downloadable.pdf

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Baby Face Fenster, leader and sole survivor of the Finnigan-Fenster gang is sitting in the Lesterville county jail. He and he alone knows the location of last payroll his gang
buried out in the desert. He has sent word out through the criminal underworld he will share its location if somebody will break him out before his transfer to the notorious Yucca prison tomorrow.

Also at stake is a rather large gold nugget sitting, mostly unguarded in the First National Bank across the street. Marshal Bill Bastardsen and his group of mostly deputized
townsfolk are all that stand between the Bad guys and their goals. His only hope is a small detachment of US Cavalry camped just outside of town, and possibly a mysterious
stranger arriving on the noon stage....

Re-released as a solo scenario from 2017-18 Mostly Monthly Scenarios.