The Devil's Crown: A Campaign for Fistful of Lead-Tales of Horror - Downloadable .pdf

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The Devil’s Crown is a campaign for Fistful of Lead: Tales of Horror. The campaign is a series of 6 linked scenarios to be played in order. The outcome of each scenario has a direct effect on the next game. The player with the most Renown at the end of the campaign wins, and possesses the dark power of the crown.

The scenario book also has rules for a new faction: Gypsies! Sometimes against, sometimes with the Forces of Darkness.

And a printable catacomb for use with scenario book.

     "Few know that the War in Heaven was only surpassed in length and ferocity by the War in Hell. Soon after the Fall, Lucifer was faced with a power struggle of his own. The Legions of the Damned fought a fierce civil war for the Infernal Throne that lasted untold ages.
     As a symbol of his victory over the fractious demons, the princes of Hell presented their Dread Lord with a crown. Forged in the very fires of Hell, the crown was a thing of terrible beauty, dripping with blood, and pulsing with malign power.
     Not long after the coronation, the crown was stolen, perhaps by a disgruntled devil of the losing faction. It was hidden, it was said, in the mortal world. Many have sought it, few, thankfully, have found it. Those who do, usually meet with an untimely and painful end.”
                                                        - From the writings of Brother Theodoseus,                                                              just before his mysterious death in 1563