For a Fistful More: Scenarios for Fistful of Lead - Printed Rulebook - Only 43 Left!

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These western scenarios will be replaced later in 2023 with 25 generic scenarios that can convert to any period/genre.  When these Western scenario books are gone they are gone.

Strap on your shootin' irons, and step into the Wild West!  What's in this book....

20 Action-packed scenarios for the Fistful of Lead, Wild West wargaming rules.
Included are:

  • 2 multi-part linked scenarios
  • Lots of one-off, stand alone scenarios
  • 5 character driven scenarios
  • The special "Revenge of Boot Hill", which allows you to add a little "weird" to your Wild West

While written with Fistful of Lead in mind, you can easily adapt these scenarios to your own rules.