Fistful of Lead: Reloaded - Printed Rulebook - Only 16 Left

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This version was phased out May 2023 for Reloaded 2nd Edition.  Once they are gone, they're gone.  This version will no longer be available.

Fistful of Lead: Reloaded was designed as a quick set of wargame rules for gunfghts in the Wild West. The rules can be learned within a couple of turns and still keep the favor of the period. The play is fast and furious, with a Hollywood fair to it.

FfoL, as it’s known, has been around for over a decade with a small, but loyal fan base. This version has left the core rules in tact while adding more scenarios, more examples of play, some house rules that have brewed up over the years, and a simple campaign system.

In most games, each player can control up to 6 gunfighters without much trouble. Games can have up to 8 players without slowing down the game. Experienced wargamers and new players alike will enjoy this game. It's perfect for convention games and just one on one shoot outs.

Pages:             48
Printing:          Black & White
Binding:          Stapled
# Players:         2 - 8
Scale:              15 mm - 54 mm    
Minis/player:   4 - 8


"All-in-all, FoL is an awful lot of game crammed into a small amount of pages. Gameplay is fast and furious, and the rules have enough detail so that you can recreate almost anything from your favourite Hollywood shoot-out. The rules are designed to be fun and cinematic, and the way the turn sequence works means that the game flows very quickly, with each player quickly having to decide which is the best model to activate next."

"So if your looking for an affordable fast and fun Old West game, Fistful of lead Reloaded is right up your alley, I highly recommend it."

"Overall, a fun game and I heartily recommend these rules for simple but thematic games of the wild west games. They are not filled with stats etc. but in play get the job done in spades."

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