Monsters & Mazes - Fantasy Trilogy - Book III - Downloadable .pdf

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Monsters & Mazes is NOT A STAND ALONE BOOK.  You will need Might & Melee to play.  This 3rd book in the trilogy includes a catalog of creatures, introduces new classes and rules for the classic dungeon crawl.


Like our Sci-Fi Codex Galactica, Monsters & Mazes is an AMAZING resource of FANTASY creatures, already statted up and ready for you to drop right into your game.


Want a quick dungeon that's different every time?  This tool alone is worth the money. 


Solo players rejoice!  This is your supplement.

From trolls and ogres, to dragons and skeletons, Monsters & Mazes is an essential and versatile investment in your fantasy wargaming catalog.

Full Color, 42 pages