Might & Melee - Fantasy Trilogy - Book I - Downloadable .pdf

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Might & Melee is a standalone book. Players familiar with Fistful of Lead will find the core mechanics the same. What we’ve added is flavor for the genre. 

This rulebook can be used by itself for skirmishes between knightly retinues or barbarian warlords, but it is also the first book of three for using Fistful of Lead in a larger fantasy setting. The second book introduces magic, while the third brings in mythical monsters and the underground world they often inhabit.

We’re using the term Medieval in a broad sense. You should be able to use these rules for anything from a Viking Raid to a skirmish between Yorkists and Lancastrians. Covers Dark Ages, Middle Ages, and War of the Roses. You could also use these rules, with a few tweaks, for non-European combats like those between samurai.  

Might & Melee doesn’t focus on huge battles. Instead we’re focusing on individuals. A knight could go his whole life and never see a battle, but he would see numerous skirmishes against robber knights, old enemies and bandits. Not to mention the occasional marauding dragon.

Fistful of Lead: Might & Melee IS NOT a faithful historical recreation of Medieval combat, but rather a Hollywood version of it.

Color, 52 pages