Custom Cards & Accessories


These gorgeous custom cards are designed by the author himself, Jaye Wiley.

Once you know you like the Fistful of Lead system, the custom cards are the perfect investment to complete your favorite titles.

No need wondering what a special card does, because it's cleverly printed right on the card.

We think these custom cards are so cool you should toss out all your boring decks and just use these for all your card games.  How much more fun would solitaire be?


Take your table and gaming experience to that next level with resin objective markers, wood or acrylic status markers and blast template.


That's right.  Wiley Games is now a licensed seller of Hero's Hoard miniatures.  This ever growing line of sweetly sculpted 28mm resin miniatures are sold unadorned on other sites.

We pair each feisty miniature deliciously with it's own custom, PRESTATTED unit card.  Just drop them right into your Fistful of Lead game.


The essentials list to play Fistful of Lead is pretty short.

  • Dice
  • Measuring Tape
  • Ruler
  • 5-6 miniatures

Along with a QRS sheet, other essentials you need for the game, like markers and a blast template are handily provided in the back of each rule book.  Wiley Games Workshop also provides FREE downloadable copies of most of that for you here. 

We also have free unit sheets for every genre that you can type on.  They even have drop down menus with all the traits.