Core Collection

The Core Rules are now the heart of the Fistful of Lead system.  Learn the mechanics in 1-3 turns and earn yourself of lifetime of joy and riches of skirmish wargaming fun.

These rules play everything from Ancient warfare to Near Future.  Play even Sci-Fi and Fantasy.  That's how ridiculously versatile they are.

The Core Rules cover 27 weapons ranging from Ancient to Ultra Modern weapons.  We even threw in Weapons of Legend.  Also includes mounts, armor and weapons properties.

Bigger Battles is for scaling up.  You can put up to 52 units on the table.  Covers terrain types, minefields, crews and traits, vehicles, vehicle armor, vehicle traits, formations and flanking.  Covers ancient to Ultra Modern weapons (32 of them).  Handles Sci-Fi and Fantasy.  Additional goodies include 13 events, beasts and monsters, sample units & vehicles.