Wiley Games Swag

Posted by Russell Wiley on

This year we wanted to start rewarding our best fans.  Our supporters.  Our disciples.  Our champions.  The gamers who love the Fistful of Lead system, buy the various genres, invest in the cards, host the games, GM the convention events, talk about us online, subscribe to our social media, like our content.  You are putting Wiley Games on the map. 

We want to reward that, return the love.  We want to gift you with thoughtful items to jazz up your workshop or gaming space. 

When you buy more Wiley Games product you get more rewards. 

  • $200    Coaster
  • $400    Tape Measure
  • $600    Coaster Set of (5)
  • $800    Dice Tray
  • $1000  Hat
  • $1200  T-shirt

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