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Magic & Mages - BOOK II

Fistful of Lead: Magic and Mages, the second book in our Fantasy Trilogy, introduces spellcasting to the Fistful of Lead family of games.

This is not a standalone set of rules. You’ll need the first book, Might and Melee, or at the very least the Fistful of Lead Core rules. You can use this book to introduce magic into other genres if you choose.
Wielders of magic are able to tap into the arcane energies of the “Else” and use these energies to bend reality to their will. They are powerful additions to your Retinue or Adventuring Party.


Adding Spellcasters
You can call them Magic Users, Wizards, Sorcerers, Warlocks or Witches, but we’re going to use the term “Spellcaster” to cover them all. A spellcasting miniature can be added to your Retinue just as any other miniature. They can be your Leader, a Sergeant or Regulars. Rabble cannot be Spellcasters.

There are 3 Mastery levels of Magic User corresponding to Leader, Sergeant (Second/Specialist if using other rules sets) and Regular:

  • Leader: Master
  • Sergeant/Second/Specialist: Journeyman
  • Regular: Apprentice

In order to use magic, your Retinue member must have the Spellcaster trait.

Spellcaster (New trait): This character has the ability to use magic.
The Paths of Magic are representative of the many different types of magic found across worlds and dimensions. They allow Spellcasters to practice different types of magic depending on the character, race or faction used. Players will choose a Path for their Spellcaster. Paths of Magic are linked to the card suits used for activation. If a magic user casts a spell using a card of their magical path suit they gain +1 to the attempt. Using spells not of the magic user’s path attracts a -2 penalty to cast unless otherwise stated. This may be altered depending on the world’s background and race’s affinity with magic (Elves may often have greater magical control than other races, for example).
There are eight (8) paths of magic to choose from (CODE for Get-Your-Wizards-Ready)
  • Path of Light
  • Path of Darkness
  • Path of the Elements
  • Path of the Dead
  • Path of the Wild
  • Path of Chaos
  • Path of Illusion
  • Path of the Rune

Wiley Games has now given you a tool box of endless fantasy playability for magic.


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