Galactic Heroes- Star Wars

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Fistful of Lead: Galactic Heroes- Star Wars

We a great playtest of our Star Wars FfoL Galactic Heroes game for Wiley Wargame Weekend. A group of underworld types were holding a Rebel leader, ready to sell to the highest bidder.
Hive of scum and villainy

 Some locals

 Darth and his personal guard. Read up on these guys.
 Close up of the great cards done by Steve

 Pour out your beers for General Veers. First one to go down.
This boy almost got loose!
Great game. Tons of "Pew, pew, pews!" Luke captured the Rebel leader after some negotiation, but didn't play a part in the game very much. Darth is getting an upgrade as he should. IG-88 was a killing machine! Took out 5 Imperials including the Dark Lord of the Sith himself.


  • We played our first game today using Galactic Heroes. It was Star Wars themed and we played the first scenario. I added two factions….Ewoks and Jawas….with some special rules. Everyone other than our Rebel heroes were grunts, but the game was tight. Luke Skywalker almost pulled it off, but the last 2 Imperial troopers escaped with the droid we were looking for. Drats! Foiled again! The group enjoyed the game. It gives us what we want out of a game and fits in to our available gaming time quite well.

    Robert on

  • Tom, sorry for the late response. I don’t check this as often as the Baron’s Blog ( or the Facebook Page. Yes, we use random events with the Joker almost every game.

    Jaye on

  • I guess I’m curious about whether or not you used any types of special/random events throughout the scenario; like, the rancor gets cut loose.

    Tom Wisniewski on

  • Tom, what notes are you needing?

    Jaye on

  • Could your post your game notes for this at some point? I’m running a Star Wars Galactic Heroes game in December so I’m mining for ideas.

    Tom Wisniewski on

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