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On March 13th, Jaye spent some time in Rocky’s War Room for “Saturday Night Rambles” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynnbk8YVRxY) discussing their favorite Fistful of Lead TRAITS.  Here are the TOP 14 TRAITS from the show.

What are TRAITS?

Traits are in every Fistful of Lead rule book.  Adding traits to your crew can really add flavor. It’s a great way to show characteristics or special training. Is the +1 to shooting rolls the “Deadeye” trait gives you because of advanced optics, is your team member a really crack shot, or have a super power?


*Leader: Leaders of a crew receive this Trait for free. They give a +1 to the die roll to any model attempting to make a roll to recover from being Shaken or Wounded and Down. The model must be within 12” and within line of sight (not blocked by terrain) of the Leader to give this “encouragement”.

A natural roll of “1” still causes a model to route when attempting to become Unshaken, and expire from their wounds if rolling to get up from a wound.

Now that we’ve explained, here are the Top 14 Most Popular Fistful of Lead Traits (according to the guys Saturday night).

14)  Deft: Reloading only takes 1 Action.

13)  Killer: You may add +1 to Wound rolls when Shooting.

12)  Bloodthirsty: You must charge any enemy within your move distance. You gain a +1 on your Close Combat die roll and +1 on the Wound roll.

11)  *Cold Blooded: You gain an additional +1 in Close Combat for each Shock and Wound Marker your opponent has.

10)  Unstoppable: Once per turn, if you put your opponent “Out of Action” in Close Combat, you may immediately engage another enemy up to 5” away, or enemy already engaged with.

09)  *9 Lives: Once per game, you may convert an “Out of Action” result to 1 Wound instead.

08)  Flurry of Blows: If a Close Combat attack only causes a Shaken result, fight a second round of combat immediately.

07)  Steady: You ignore Shock and Wounds penalties when Shooting.

06)  Sprinter: Gets 3” of free movement a turn. This is free of any other actions you take, You could take two shoot actions and still move 3”.

05)  *Encouraging: As an action, you can remove all shock markers from one member of your team within 12”.

04)  Determined: You ignore Shock and Wounds penalties in Close Combat.

03) *Veteran: You use a d12 for all rolls.

02) Deadeye: +1 to Shoot rolls.

and finally, the winner was... 

01) *Lucky: You may re-roll any die roll once a turn.


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