Horse and Musket Bundle - Rules + Cards

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Horse & Musket rules are designed to fight skirmishes during the black powder era. 

This rulebook is extremely versatile because it easily covers many conflicts of the 18th and early 19th century; from Napoleonics to the War of Spanish Succession, and covers the wars in America: French Indian War, American War of Independence, War of 1812 and the American Civil War.

This 2nd edition brings the Horse & Musket genre into line with our Core System.  It is a stand-alone game.

What else?

Scenarios: 4
Campaign: Yes
Pages: 52
Printing: Full Color
Binding: Perfect
Players: 2 - 8
Scale: 15mm - 54mm
Minis/player: 4 - 8

We started selling bundles for conventions, but they are so popular, we offer them here in our online store now to you.

This Horse & Musket Basic Bundle includes:

  • Horse & Musket 2nd Edition
  • Custom Cards

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