Gallery Submission Form for Wiley Games

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Wiley Games is Building a GALLERY!

One of the things we've learned over the years is that wargamers use the Fistful of Lead system for every kind of battle imaginable, and some that are absolutely extraordinary!

We would like to showcase all this inspiration in our very own gallery that everyone can access and find ideas for their next project.  If you've put on a game you're proud of, share it. Submissions don't have to be recent games or posts - just something using the Fistful of Lead system.

Show us all the periods, the genres and your greatest mash ups.

This form is easy (like unit sheet easy) to fill out.  Download to your computer.  Upload pictures, copy and paste your after action report (edited to 500 words maximum), and email it to  We'll even post links to your social media sites to expand our wargaming community.

Give us a quick set up.  Introduce your gangs.  Explain the battle tension.  Highlight the thrilling dice rolls.  Describe the tragic gore of your blood alley.  Who died theatrically?  Who survived to fight another day?

If we put your game in the gallery, you will be showered with Wiley Games swag for being the bloodthirsty warlord that you are.  We are in awe of your godlike command over your troops, your epic storytelling, your painting and your terrain creations.