Galactic Heroes Bundle - (Rules + Custom Cards)

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Get the best selling sci-fi rules and gorgeous custom cards at a 15% discount.


"GREAT Addition to the Fistful of Lead system!! As always, clearly written rules with just the right amount of new rules to fully immerse the players in the pulpy retro-Scifi genre. The "Crew Traits" are are very nice addition and "Powers" make it very easy to give your scearios the Star Wars feel. The Codex Galactica and Vehicle Instruction Manual are the icing on the cake, giving players all the options they need to generate exciting campaigns in a universe of their choosing. Keep up the great work."

-Michael S. Wargames Vault

"It’s been our ‘go to’ for sci-fi skirmish for awhile now. Absolutely love it."

-Rick Petersen