Codex Galactica: Grim Dark Edition - Downloadable .pdf

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NOT A STAND ALONE BOOK.  YOU WILL NEED GALACTIC HEROES TO PLAY.  We sell a Grim Dark Bundle for a savings of over 10%.

The Galaxy is locked in an endless war. The Empire, guided by their undying Emperor, faces enemies on all sides and even those from within.

Herein lies a list of Mankind’s forces, its enemies and catalog of known psychic powers.

Warning: Possession of this text is heretical and punishable by the Inquisition.


Do you like the Grim Dark genre set in the distant future, where a stagnant human civilization is beset by hostile aliens and supernatural creatures?  Do you crave a universe populated with a mixture of humans, aliens, and supernatural monsters, wielding futuristic weaponry and supernatural powers?

Wiley Games Workshop takes on it's most unique project to date, Codex Galactica: Grim Dark Edition. 

Why would we do this you ask?

Well, we have found that many fans of grim dark future have beloved miniatures they want to play with, but no longer want to keep up with tournaments or invest in the latest edition of the rules.  Codex Galactica: Grim Dark Edition is the perfect bridge between grim dark future and Fistful of Lead.

Fistful of Lead fans have been waiting for the FFOL treatment of this beloved genre.  Grim dark fans will find an easy-to-learn system that is completely customizable.

Codex Galactica: Grim, Dark Edition covers:

15 Factions including Space Dwarves
Extra Traits
Plus, Undercity Gangs covering unique traits, weapons and vehicles for 12 different factions!


Wiley Games Workshop is aware that grim dark is a huge genre.  Therefore, this title will be a living rule book (i.e. Beta version) for 6-12 months while we see what suggestions come back from those who purchase the book.  Any person who makes a contribution we use will be given credit in the printed books.

Customers who purchased the live/beta version will have access to a special preorder sale for the printed version.


Purchase a Grim Dark Bundle with both books and save over 10%.

Full color, 37 pages.


”Very good and unexpectedly thorough.”   - Ken Boone

"Love it.  It makes it easier to throw models down and play."  - Dennis Mrowewske

"This was perfect.  I have so many 40K and Necromunda figures - but prefer the game system and play of Wiley Games."  - Greg Dowdy

"I have already adapted FFoL to play Warhammer settings.  This simplifies the experience dramatically."  - Eric O'Connell

"By adding GDF to the library, you have really fleshed out a lot of the unique nuances of 40K that hooked us way back when...without a lot of the stuff that could bog down a game.  FFoL really brings back the FUN of wargaming for me."  - John Goold

"Great conversion, makes 40K very fast."  - Unknown

"I love this concept as it lets me use miniatures that I already own with the FFoL system that I love playing."  - Richard Keenan